29 July 2009

sad day..

today a sis of mine is going back for good..
protect her my Lord.. in this dunya and akhirat..
lindungilah saudaraku dari kezaliman dunia...
sentiasa berinya petunjuk dan hidayahMu..
berikan pada ukht ku, kasihMu ya Rabb..
im gonna miss her truely..
suddenly i felt that ive not been spending real, cherish time with her lately..
im sorry shahadah.. i pray that Allah give u the best of His ni'mat..
the best of His rahmah..
i hope He'll enable us to remember each other in the hereafter life..
in the jannah al-firdaus..
O Allah.. forgive our sins.. either that we did consiously or without realising it..
we need Ur forever lasting Love Ya Wadud..
help us and protect us from punishment of the blazing hell fire..
please grant this supplication from Ur humble servant..

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