25 February 2012

today, im not sure why... but it keep on popping on my mind.. the 'if' dilemma..

> if i had done xxx  back then, perhaps things will have been xxxx

toO much if's been gagging me...

i know.. its not good to laid the 'if' dilemma in me..

but im not sure why and how it ever come across my mind out of a sudden..

i dont think i did anything to trigger it out..

hm.. perhaps this is a disturbance by the so-called shaitan..

well.. i have to take a different approach to address this dilemma..

while the 'if' could not be turn back.. i should then do it now.. in the presence..

there is never a limit or boundary to begin fresh in new things..

so, i should do it all.. while i still last on this earth.. better now or never..

18 February 2012

its been a while since i post my day here..

well, as it goes.. there's nothing much to rant about..

my little bro is here.. as its been a while since i met him..

and yes, i love him without doubt..

yet.. when i still look him as younger.., how he grown over the past 3 years..

and now i have to admit it.. i can no longer see him as young as i always thought he would be..

nway, bout my disease.. it not getting worst nor is it getting any better..

thank you to The One, for halting the progress from getting any worse..

as usual.. my headache is troubting more and more often.. and sometime it could get really painful..

its not that i mind..
its just when the attack occurred, it was at the moment im cruising the wheel on the road..

it will be a problem, if any acciddent occur.. no only to my family, but to the people around as it will certainly cause traffic to be heavy...

well... i now have to bring my pills wherever im on move i guess..

let my trust in The All Mighty.. The Ta'ala..