30 July 2009


alhamdulillahirabil alamin..
All Praise to U, o Mighty Lord.. o Loving Lord..
thank u my dear Lord, my Only Lord..
thank u ease it for me enable me to pass CS2 supp exam..
im more than grateful to U..
nothing is possible without Ur permission.. <3

one dont want to lose U in this life..
doesnt want to forget U..
please help one here to always remember U, always be thankful for Ur Grace..
this makes one even more sad than ever..
not that one is sad for all the ni'mat and rahmah U've bestowed upon one here..
one is sad.. one was suppose to glorify U this evening..
but she forget to do so..

at 1st, one went to'eng lounge' (am not too sure what is it called),
to meet one beloved sis..
i know, i promised not to bother her anymore.. im sorry Allah, im sorry sis..
im just wasting her time.. there's much can be done rather than just wasting time waiting for me to say..
i dont know..
ive no idea how to say what i wanna say..
its like having a stage fright..
everything that has been mounting up in this head, suddenly dissappear in a blink of an eye, when one meet eye to eye to a person..
lastly, what happen is the thing one wanna say/share/.. come out as something else, which also has been worry this mind for long.. but not a prior, needed immediate response..

huhu.. but really Allah Taála.. dont ever let me forget U..
dont leave me alone in this world..
please always b by my side..

oh, im forgetting again..

one was suppose to read out the al-mathurat after asar prayer today at the temporary bouv prayer room..
thought of inviting my sis along to recite it with me..
but when one get out of the room to the back side of the sister's side.. one completely forgot about it..
one kept on thinking
'what am i suppose to do.. there was something i was suppose to do now'

but in the end, one never did remember..

one keep on talking with one other sis, and at the same time, hoping one could remember its real intention of stepping there.. but it never did happen.. huhu..

wo to u shaitans, for getting me out of the track from remembering Him.

and one only did realise its mistake when one when to pray isya'prayer.. which was very2 late..

forgive me Allah.. forgive me my Lord..

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