03 May 2014

i know,, this site seem to be my place to express whenever i am in a tight condition..

well, it seem i dont have a place to let it all out..

i'll just type it here then..

for the past few days, i think my fatigue state seem to take over..

i'll get really tired easily.. even by just sitting in a car as a passenger..

is it caused by the medication i'm currently on....?

or is it caused by the illness that are inhibiting my used to be outdoor activities..

hm.. no one knows, except Him..

but despite being overwhelm by work at the office, i somewhow knew, He's always watching over me..

whenever i desire something to occur or not to occur,
in His own way, He'll make it happen..

and I'm really grateful and thankful to the All Mighty for granting it..

I hope my heart is always to Him, and never be lead astray...