27 July 2009

i beg U, Allah Taála..

o Allah.. i keep on forgetting more and more..
i dont know why..
and its really causing me to be sad..
i keep on wondering..
if things that i keep on doing daily are also starting to diminishing away from my memory..
will one day, i will soon no longer remember U...

dont let it happen my beloved Lord..
i would not want to wake up one day,
and im no longer a person who believe in U..
i would not want to wake up as kaffirun..

help me Allah, protect me here from being ignorance to U..
help me to keep on believing in U..
please let me die as a true muslim..
a faithful servant only to U..

i dont know when will my time to meet u.. but, keep me on the right track..
please bestow me Ur hidáyah always.. Ur guidance..
please Allah.. please, i beg U..
if it means i need to end my own life, knowing that i die without doubt i remember U,
i'l willingly do it myself..
though i know U might be angry with me.. but at least i know, i die with the remembrance of U inside this heart..

but i would not want to do so.. Do Not Enter
for i dont want to anger U,my Lord..
help one here..
help me to always have U in one mind, in one heart..
please Allah, the only Rabb of the Alamin..
please..i really2 beg to U..

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