22 October 2011


this morning i woke with  throat pain..

the more i drank water, the more painful it is..

and today decided not to join my colleagues to eat lunch, for personal reasons..

anyway, today it pour heavily on my way back from work like y'day..
i'm not sure wheather the pain in the throat is caused by the rain or it was infected from colleagues at my work place..

anyhow, i beg  You, My Lord.. may this sickness give ma insight on how to finish up my last assignment.. as i'm really blur on how to do it, until this very day..

13 October 2011

its been a long time since i sneak in here..

well.. there's nothing much for me to say.. except.. of  course my headache is starting to burn back on again.. and this time, it occur more frequently than usual.. in the morning, afternoon, evening and at night.. so if we have 24 hours a day, and let say my night sleep is about 6-7 hours / day, leaving me with 17 hours of 'consciousness' or awake.. and from this wake period, half of the time, i will gain or more precise attack me with headache..

sometimes, or often, when it occur, i presumeably and always hope my sins will be wiped out because of the anguish pain..
now, to think about it.. i suddenly realise.. the similar headache occurred to me when i was in secondary school.. especially when performing the obligatary prayer, congregation maghrib & isya' one..

i did not think it is a symptoms which lead me to this everlasting disease..

and when i gain a dengue in 2005, it has become the cause for my immune system to react a year later..

well.. He who plan it well, have better plan for me in the future.. insyaAllah..

so, lets wait.. in dignity..