25 July 2009

im soo .....
my mind is blank..
my sight black out..
my ears are deaf..

why for all these while, one have not been a grateful person as one should have been..
forgive one here, Lord.. do forgive me Allah..

one feels so lost right now..

though one kept on meeting people each day..

but d more one meet people.. the more one feel to be at lost..
this year gonna end soon..

and soon, one will no longer able to meet anyone anymore..

o Allah..
diri ini tidak mahu membebankan sesiapa..
one put her trust and faith in U..
have no one else that one could turn to except U..
one should never burden anyone else with one stupid things..
for then, only to U, one could pour out everything thats building up inside..

one really hope,REALLY REALLY HOPE...
U'll never get bored of one here..
please remind one here, that she always knows, that U are always by one side..
Allah Taála..
al wadud..
ar rahman..
ar raheem..

d drop of tears dat keep on streams out..
one hope, it really comes from the bottom of this heart for U, Allah.

and the coming semester ...
one hope.. U'll always be by one side at all times..
to remind one if one starts to step onto the wrong footpath..

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