31 July 2009

a part of me wanna cry..
a part of me wanna go far away..
i dont know..
i thought i overcome it..
but it seem to get worse each minute..

i even have to take 9hours late diluted betaferone..
totally forgot i've dilute it last night..
went to sleep..
woke up, still havent recall about it.. until, it was at 5am..
was thinking.. should i take paracetamol today..
until then, i just realised, i was suppose to take betaferone last night..

y'day.. alot of things i forgot.
1. didnt recite the evening mathurat..
2. left my debit,credit cards, and student card, dricing license sumwhere.. couldnt recall where.. till havent found today..
3. could not remember how i figure out the resistance for convection, conduction and radiation for my project.. everything seems blur.. its too confusing..
4. didnt take my medcine..
5. (was this morning), after prayed sunat salat, i fall asleep for a while.. and someone wake me up for fajr.. so i thought, ok, im waking up..
i had prayed, and was currently hearing tazkirah.. BUT studdenly, nadia come in my room and wake me up..
i havent prayed fajr yet actually.. huhu.. it was all illusion.. too much ilusion.. i could no longer know which is the reality and which is real..

huhu.. help me here Allah..
please help me..

p/s: y'day was ukht nabihah bday.. today is ukht rose zalina bday.. thanks to reminder update bday from frenster.. if not, i would never remember anyone bday..

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