30 May 2010

i really regret 4 attndg dat event.
it was really fulL of sins..
forgive me my Lord.

25 May 2010

alhmdllh.. ive found a way to get home easier, faster.. using fereadl Hgwy.. but hav to pay toll about 1.50..
but to think again..
btwn fuel & time vs toll..
it weigh better on the later..

nway.. i kept on hvg prob wif my pryer..
n recently, which means 2day..
i cant move without my head feels like bursting out
which of course then rise on to bad headache..
ok.. cmne plak ni..

nth la.. hope 2morrow will b better..
lately.. i kept on questioning my self..
am i d rite one to b in dis path..
for d more i look into myself, it feels like i dont even know who i am..
n what i was born for..
my heart desire for Him..
but my hope feels like long lost gone..
my seeds once plow for the blossoms of d flowers..
but, once it finish it blooms.. it'll wither to pieces..
and now to be in a farm, with an unfamiliar soil..
seem ackward to me to grasp hoe and start to plow..
huhu... ni bahasa pelik2 la ..

22 May 2010

alhamdllh.. alhmdllh.. alhamdulillah..

finally y'day i get to go 4 my 1st u' after almost 3 months..

tpkn.. tetibe rase cuak nk gi..
becoz i felt that im the worst person out of all of them... huhu..
cmne nth..

21 May 2010

sometimes.. we keep on wondering..
was the decision we made are the right one..

perhaps the oppose was the best one..


20 May 2010

rs cm nk pecahkan kpla ni boleh x..
dis is gettng worse..haha
can i laugh @myself now..
mcm org x btul jer..
huhu..ok2.. adios

19 May 2010

mmg benar..
bila diri sudah berjaya melangkah satu tebing..
akan di uji dengan tebing yang lebih tinggi, lebih sukar di daki..di lepasi..

smpi bila diri mahu mengharap, apbl sudah melepasi satu ujian itu,
maka, diri sudah bebas dari segala belenggu..
well, of course it wont happen this way..

jd, apakah perlu utk diri tidak melepasi setiap ujian yg dihadapi, agar tidak diuji dgn ujian, dugaan yang lebih mencabar..?


isL... PLEASE..
for each difficulty, there is an ease..
for each success.. there will be tribulation..

this world is not a fairy tale.. where there will always be a happy ever after ending..

never.. sbb klu ada.. maka, tak seimbang la..
seperti mana klu nk jln nk seimbg, sebegitu juga perlu dlm hidup..
perlu ada susah dan senang pada diri..
sihat, dan sakit..
kejayaan dan kegagalan..
smua itu perlu, untuk mengimbangkan bgmn diri ini membawa erti hidup dlm diri..

remember ok isL.. hammy..

do remember..


18 May 2010

time to go to sleep..
b4 this head explode to bits..
yet, nothin could let it stop..
if its written for it to go..

nite2 hammy
spck srt ku 2lis..
na-moon kpl se-makín ber-puesíng

17 May 2010

hr ni mmg rase cm nk pengsan jer.. x larat langsung..
buat keje pun x der smgt..
kpl skt, n my chst is starting to hurt back..
as it did back in melb..
klu kt sana, ye la nk tido, x gi class bleh.. ni kt tmpt keje, mn bley wat ske2 hati.. 
so, hari ni dlm kul 6 dh blk..
since 2day is Monday..
suppose ly jln x patut jam..
tp tadi jln jam la jugak..
dgn skt kpl nyer n rs cm nk demam nyer.. mmg x larat do nk bwk keter..
mmg ltk full reliance to Him.. to arrive home safely..
and alhamdulillah.. i did..
ok.. 2day im gonna sleep early..which means now..
la hawlawala quwata illabillahi
may these pains made me closer to U..

15 May 2010


today was meaningful day..memorable day..

in fact, this week was a wonder.. alhamdulilllah =] =] =]

a chat wif a sis who i tot was quite stern the other day (back in march)..

my outing wif my colleague y'day..

now, im looking 4wrd to the compny event this coming public hols..
subhanallah.. may it be in Ur best protection, my Lord..

this mornin was suppose to go for a T-Hunt.
but whn i arrive, i realise, i forgot to bring my hp..
which means, i had to go back home n take my hp..
i was late..
and while drivin.. i was on d lft lane, where 2 lorries ahead of me, causing the move to be even more in delay..
usually i wud have then change my lane, to speed up.. but sumhow, today, i choose to juz stay on dis slow moving lane..
and all of a sudden.. i heard loud screeching on my right, an a huge "BANG!".. a taxi hit a black car..
i know its wrong for me to say, Alhamdulillah.. but, i really did praise Allah SwT several times at that instance.. for He had protect me there.. He prevent my heart to make decision to b on the rite lane.. for if i did, i perhaps cud have been the one who been hit..
this reminds me that my life will not be long.. my soul cud have been taken anywhere, anytime..without im even realising it will happen..

ok, then i arrive at the mall.. i knew i had the feeling i shudnt be there, n i was rite..
yeah, it was suppose to trigger people to know about it, but, the play is more into grup play.. in i came alone, so cudnt play along..
so,from now on.. any event like this i shudnt have come.. its not worth it.. the car fuel, time, parking fee..
all a waste..

ok, next, later today, i've decided to go to an event at d mosque in KL with 2 of my sisters.. my to-be teacher friends..
tot it will be a great talk from people around the nation.. since it will be conducted in english..
but, much to our dissapointment.. it doesnt even met 1/2 of our expectation..
so, we went back early, after maghb prayer n had our dinner out 2gether..

but, truthfully, i wenr out with them, not really for the talk.. [ tho i was keen in hearing it at well at the beginning, but soon was dark with boredom..] its more for d meeting with my sisters..
alhamdulillah for d the opportunities letting me to do so..

hopefully i'll able to attend next week indoor gathering wid my new famly,, lahawlawala quwata illabillah..

12 May 2010

a smile will water..
a heart that desire..
for the spring to return..
bring blossom to appear..

10 May 2010

im getTíng fáTíqué m0r3 eásilý..
today im toO tired..
when i drove back home, with my head hurtínG
n as usual, it was a heavy traffic..
i accidently fall asleep while waiting in the ques..
didnt woke up until the front car was quite far from my car..
alhamdulillah, it did not cause accident..
n alhamdulillah i did not release the break im pressing on..
alhamdulillah 3x
actually, d car glass was vaporized due to the cold aircond,  which i guess made people not aware im (d driver) sleepin inside.. so that is y no one horn me..
ok2... klu gini berterusan, alamatnyer, ada high probability akn mnybbkn kemlgn yg tidk diingini..
now im too tired..
got to go 2 sleep now.. tho its still early.. not evn 9pm yet..
may dis rest is with Him..

yadot saw a taerg yad..
llew, ti detrats taerg.. alhamdulillah..
tub won i tond leef doog..
ym daeh turh.. huhu..
and y am i writing/typing dis way..
i guess...
sid tahw sneppah nehw s'ereht on eno ot
erahs htiw..

but, i did met a couple my sisters y'day tho..
not too long.. but yet,
meaningful to me..
i shud pots won..
daeh leef ekil gnitsrub..
-pen 0f'f-

05 May 2010

im glad im not wearing contct lenses..
as i think, i look really horror if i wear one..

without my glasses, i could c all my eye bag..
as if im really exhausted and sleepy.. hoho..
memang cm gini nmpknyer..heh

2morow, dpt gi keje lmbt. yeye2.. sbb kn gi bkk accnt kw_sP..
since kena gi sndri, aku mntk kbnrn tuk gi yg dekt ngn rumah aku.. sbb aku mmg x reti jalan2 kt bandar di sebelah sana..

tp, dpt gi keje lmbt pun, bukan leh tido lama2.. dh terbiasa kut..
time weekend pun, bgn same cam nk gi keje.. hoho..
mcm rutin harian jer gayenyer.. x polah.. berdsplin skit diri aku ni..

td br dpt sms jemputan wlmh senior aku kt skolah. hehe..
tp kt teluk intan, cmne ntah nk peginyer..
n snior aku ni oppsite gender.. which mean, mcm klakar je klu aku gi sorg2 knduri tu.. hoho

04 May 2010

Jgn duk menganggu, mengkaco hidup org len.

They hav their own life. No need for you to bother them.

Engkau ada ke x der ke, x membawa sebrg kebaikkan pada mereka, hanya menyusahkan,menganggu mereka!!.

so, take note of this okay..

02 May 2010

tadi jupe hamsters yg sgt2 cumei..
yeay.. tapi mahal tahap max kut.. sekor 45 ringgit..
x der la nk blinyer.. skadar melihat je la.
pastu jupe plak guenie pig yg cumel.. tu lg mahal kut.. 188 ringgit..
apsal mahal sgt harga binatang2 ni..
so, aku skadar melihat ngn merenung dr jauh je la..
nk tngkp gmbr, dh ader warning, x leh amik gmbr ape2 kt kedai tu...
huhu.. i miss my hamsters
ok rite now, both of my arms are trembling..
mcm kesejukkan.. tp x sejuk pn skng ni..
is it a sign that sumthng which been bothering me,
now affect and reflect it all over my body..
is dis m-s.. bt dis kind of occurance hav nvr hppen b4,
well, perhaps, there's always possibility sumthin new to turn up..
í gú3ss theR3's nO wh3re eL$3 t0 s3ek h3lp

4 d búrd3n ín my h3art..

exc3pt fr0m d 0ne  d@+ 1$t çáÚ$3 ít 2 3xí$t ín m3..
oh, i came here was 2 actually post my capture from my phone, on da way to ipoh..bukan post bnda tadi..ceh
nway, i never realise, msía actúalLy still hav a preserve scenery along d highway..hope they will preserve and retain it forever..
but, since its only a cheap phone, not a full branded one,
the picture is not toO good.. but i guess, its  ok

pebenda la mu mengarut ni..huhu


Cuando le pregunté , ¿Es un crimen amar? 

Me dijeron..no se

¿pero voluntad este amor, pasado por siempre?

algo que yo Espero que sí..

haha.. pebenda ntah aku tulih ni

biler aku tgk balik ranslation on9, bila jadi ayat, beterabur rupenye..

ape2 la.. bknnya aku nk pahamkan balik pn..

bahasa is not my specialty, bek dlu mhupn skng..

01 May 2010

Raining Hearts Thank You becoz ú live in me..
ú make m3 believe in mYs3lf, when nobody el$e can..
& dats make me <3 u even mOre..
i$ i+ @ çRím3 2 L0v3...

wH3n  íNde3d  it$  @  f3eLling  th@+  L@y  i&síd3 ú$..

fór d çár3 2 bR3@th óN..

wí+h H0p3 i+ w0'nt g0n3..

súmOne pL3a$e guid3 m3 her3..

4 i'm n0w $túcK i& dí$ bóuNd..
it seems 2 b3 haUntinG me..

i cnt get it off my mind..