15 July 2009

been getting on off fever since monday,
dry cough since yesterday (tues),
and migrains as well..

what am i suppose to do to treat it away

i tried panadols, ibuprofen, ponstan, antibiotics, ranitidin,
vitamins, fish oil.. a whole lot of fruits and choc energy that contains B12(thats what the tin says)..

but, nothing seems to work.. huhu..

i even tried making my room as warm as possible without intefering with the ventilations inside,
and i slept inside the sleeping bag under the MAS blanket..
huhu.. my body still feel chilled..
and now, my left side head is pulsating..

what am i becoming..
mutated kepebenda ntah

if on monday, my RHS is failing till i could not even write, today, my LHS is taking charge..
my left eye are not performing well..

O Allah.. help to go gain strength..
i wouldnt want to get off on the wrong side of this journey of life..
help me to be right on track at all time..

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