20 February 2015

there are so much conflict in my life..

i don't even know how or what to begin with..

firstly would meant that im not good in starting relationship with people..

be it society & even family members..

which i've concluded they all despise me..

and here i thought my family members, parents would be the one to hold me, support me..
which of course not what happened..

in the beginning, yes they were supportive..

but as my other siblings start to return back home, im once again abandon..

which is perhaps the reason i rather be a 'workaholic', by just spending time more at the office..

and there's where i've also figured im not needed..

its strange how people use to be around me, when i were the 'smart' one..

and now, since this 'gift' are being taken away, how they left me to be alone..

oh how i regretted a lot of things, decision i've made few years back when i was in the process to pursue the degree.. which i think is useless..

hmm.. i could no longer change the past and i have to face the present
to ensure the future to brighten up step ahead...