28 April 2012

its been a year...

to think about it.. i do come to my realisation here..

1st.. the closer we get to Him.. the higher we are put at stack..

thus, the further away we are from Him.. the more we are put at ease.. until it see, to us as if there could not be any better life than we're currently in..

so, yeah.. when we part away from Him, and all of a sudden, we came to turn back and be close to Him, that's when we'll be tested to an immediate..

to majority of people out there will just seem its unfair.. as How could He make it a burden to those who choose to be more obedient, truthful to Him..

and here, He had stated it in His words centuries before..

such testimons were stated in al-ank√°but, verse 2..as it meant as below..

"Do the people think that they will left to say, "we believe"and they will not be tried (tested)?"

but let not be stressed when we are being tried..

do know, He only test His servants whom He loved..

Its kind of weird to show affection by causing difficulties to that person..

yet, again.. its to distinguish, whether should He love that person more or otherwise..

one who testify his/her love to Him, and after being tested numerous times because of the love confessions to Him.... the love for Him is never disrupt .. do know, He, The All Mighty, had loved that person even more.. the greatest of all....

02 April 2012

im hating everything!!!!

1st my workmate..

now, both of my parents!!!!

they treat me as i dont even exist!

find, you guys want it that way, i'll make sure you guys never to notice im here!