21 May 2012

d heart is in doubt..

Dear Lord,

Your humble servant here seek for Your reassurance..

i know that i've asked for Your tests..

yet, my heart feels sorrow facing and encounter each of the rest..

forgive me Ya Rabb.. for not accepting Your gifts..

for each the test You've bestowed one to face, its a sign of Your love to Your servants.. the higher the difficulties, sign of higher level of Your love to each of us..

Make me reassurance in facing all Your current tests, and the ones that will come..

Let the life i'm now facing, is to train me to face the future ahead..

And thank you Ya Rabb, Alhamdulillah, for letting me a month closer to the blessing month of ramadhan..

and let me the chance to enter the coming month of sha'ban.. and then, to enter ramadhan..

To You, I seek.. To You I will cease..

and let me cease in gaining Your pleasure till I'm admitted to Your Jannah without resist..