28 July 2009

o hammy.. one been getting rib pain since yesterday..
and it keep on getting worse every hour...
it hurts when:
-one need to turn
-one cough
-one sit in 'takhiyat akhir'
-when one jog
-when one ride the bike..
-taking a deep breath..

in summary, it hurt to do anything except to sit straight without mocing...


should one meet the doc..
one is now trying the 'cloth of pain killer' given by mum for the keen pain..
as one read one the wrtting outside.. it says for muscle pain as well..
since an ukht said it could be cause by muscle, and not bone.. well, why not one try it..
but it doesnt seem to help..
the pain is getting worse..
o Lord... o Allah Taála..
u created me..
u give me food..
u hold me when to die or live..
thus, please help one here in her pain..
help one to be strng facing it..

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