22 July 2009


i've just took my supp exam..
surprisingly, my cough and cold decrease significantly, once i step out of the house..
i think my house in contaminated with the cold, flu virus.. hoho..

the paper was tougher than the final exam recently..
but, what do i expect..
live will always get tougher..
im putting my trust and faith wholly in Him to decide whether im gonna get thru this subj or not..

goin back home, i then know.. why did He put me in this condition..
the roof cover of my room fall of and break down to bits..
if i were inside.. i would then have been hit by it..
Thank You my beloved Lord...Allah Taala.. the al-Wadud..
u put me in a force to sit for today exam..
just to save me from being hurt from the fall of the roof bit..

o Allah.. how i miss Ur love..
is there still room for me to gain it all back.. huhu

one wanna go back home to malaysia..
now.. if possible..
miss my mum.. miss my dad.. Sad
rarely do i miss them.. in fact, i dont think i've ever miss them at all..
not even when i was sent to boarding school at the age of 11.. or when i was sent to melb in my 1st year @2006.. to the extend my parents think i dont even bother about them..
but recently.. i dont know why, i really2 miss them..
is it a sign that its the time has come for either me or them to go away from this world and meet You, my Lord..

make me strong in whatever challenges U've prerpared for me to face on..

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