06 July 2013


i have been wondering day by day..

from both of my parents, on of their outcome is me.. and my 2 other siblings..

but unfortunately for me, while my sis and bro both inhereted my parents looks and goodness, in terms of the attitude and intelligence

while for me, all the negative and down sides of lives, lay in me..

patience of my mum is in my sis and bro.. but the inpatients of my dad i lies in me..

the easy to be angered from my dad pass on to me..

the illness of what is called as the 'runner knee' that my mum have starting few years back, is not attacking my knees, at an early age, half of my mum's..

i know i can change my attitude... but the thing is, the feeling of easily angered is something i can't control on.. and causing me to speak without thinking the good and the bad..