22 July 2009

from 07' _1

As the sun rise
As the wind blows
Through your open window
So that you’ll feel the flow

Rise up my friend
It’s a new day
A new beginning

If yesterday was frustrating
Forget about it
Do your best today

If yesterday was fruitful
Innovate today to be successful
More than yesterday

Do your things
Ask your heart
If you feel at serenity
If you feel happy
Finish it off

If your heart feel troubled
If you feel bustle
Stop what you’re doing
Reflect your intention of doing it
Is it for the cause The Mighty One
Or is it for your own sake

To hold the world in our hand
Its not enough to do it all alone
You’ll face challenges along the way
Which you would not able to fight it off alone
For even a day
You’ll end up exhausted by the end of that day

Mujahadah is the keyword
If lethargic is what you feel
Your 1st step towards mujahadah has been in the wrong direction
Change it now and prompt to
We need to move fast
Faster than the blowing winds
The nemesis are approaching by all means
Brush them off
Shake them well
Not through violence as it is not fair
As islam does not encourage violence towards others
Peace, harmony and the assertion of His oneness
Is what islam is

Spread your knowledge to the world
Let them know
The true and the only truth about islam
About The Mighty One
That we do not worship our prophet saw
We follow his teachings of the religion of Allah
Based on the kalamullah revealed to him

We love rasulullah as we love other prophets before him
No favored was done on any of the prophets chosen by Him
All of them bring the teaching of islam
Just the timeline cause them to do what they’ve done
Tawheed,Iman,Aqidah are the based of their teachings
Just the name differs as time pass by
All of it can be seen in Al-Quran
It covers all the aspect that has been in the revelation of other
prophets before rasulullah saw

search after search from the hard disk... one just realized.. she got a compilation of nonesense literatrature that she wrote bck then when she was in blyth...
its interesting to look at how did one wrote back then..
memang mengarut..
n sekarang lagi bertambah mengarut..
the differece is.. i is that most of one writings back then was in bahasa. but now,
one would beter like it be in english..
for in bahasa.. everyone will most likely to understand isi tersirat behind it..

but if its english, the saying says a thing, but the real presentation could mean
totally the opposite..


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