10 December 2017

Its been a third of a decade..

Some may see it as the beginning, while others may see it as the peak.. ..

To me, whatever range of age it falls in, it's definitely  bored me to walk thru of this world.. 

Not of the view of the magnificent natural sceneries, but of having to face and endure routine  'scheduled' daily life ..
Its not that i'm well prepared to face the afterlife..

But the felling having to go thru the same routine daily, weekly...
 somehow brought me to see 'eye to eye'  of the unexpected suicidal personnels reason..

One might say, go & get married..

It will change your  daily routine..
Somehow, I'm don't think I'm able to 'face' a married life..

To get married, one has to love the person it intend to hook up with..

Yet, the reason of refusing to love someone is seeing the far-off ahead if that someone dies..

Rather than being badly hurt internally due to losing loved ones, i've decided its better not to start loving anyone..  

It's definitely tough for me since I love my parents, my mum intensively , and loving all that treat me as a friend ..

This bring me back to reason overcoming the boredom of life..

Thus, what should I do.. Hmm..

Thinking hard & finding motivation to continue on living..