10 July 2016

Since eid has begun, and i've kept posting pix on fb with all sorts of status..

Thus, i have to confess.. everything that were written doesn't actually portray my true feelings.. at that moment.. at that event..

Actually, everything since i've joned all this on9 sites, nothing written were what i truly felt..

Its all a disguised to hide whats inside this heart..

Which is torn by everyone around me, especially from my own true blood; my family..

I know2.. everyone will say im just 'pitying' myself..
When many others out there are more unfortunate..

I'm truly grateful and felt blessed with all His Gifts, even with this MS desease, im grateful for having it..

But, having to face my family 'situations' each day, it felt like a burden..

i need to keep reminding myself, everything im facing is a TEST He placed for me to endure..

I have to be GRATEFUL always while i still have each of them..