08 June 2009

u r making me/urself confius nsy
who being who rite now..
which part r u playing and which part am i playing..
i thought im suppose to be d good one .. u, h_v be d bad one..
waaaah.. ape2 la

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h_v said...

i cant stop crying
i cant throw away this feeling..
why am i this way
nak kater x der iman.. i read quran each day,
nak kater x solat, i often cried each time i postrate to Allah..
whay am i like this..
syahirah!!!! u r taking ur FINAL semester exam in 1 day time
ape pun x study lagi
mu nak fail ker
nak stay ke kt melb lame..?
dulu mmg nk extend
tapi i dont think i could do it any more..
the enviroment here is making me feel suicide all d time