21 June 2009

im suppose to study... tomorrow is the day that will determine, i'll pass or fail this mechanics subject..

if i fail to do well in this unit, it is a guarantee i'l failt this subject, becoz, i certainly failed the other unit exam.
it felt like perhaps i only got 5/100 for it..

but, one could no longer feel like studying..
one saw its life had been crashed doom in front..
feel no hope anymore in doing anything..

am i suppose to give up..

which i know i should not.. but inside me..ive no longer feel anything.. except to run away.. run from everyone..
to live with the animals in the junggle..

and if they too reject me.. then i know...
i dont even egible to exist, to breath..

o Allah, if im indeed the people of hell-fire, which i know i am.. do forgive my parents for not being ur rightful servants..
its all my fault, not able to preach ur message to them with hikmah.. put all blame on me and not them..

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