12 June 2009

12 June 2009

in Thy name..

dear hammy, ive loose hope in everything..
i know, its not a act a muslim should be..
but.. huhu.. i really dont know what becoming of me..
i guess, d heart inside is fully blackened coal..

-last nite.. i keep on awake every hour..
n each time i awake, i tried to study.. but no, its doesnt work..
till i burnt my back..

-today, i did not even join d jmh pryer..
what am i doin..
nothin should stop me from doing jmh pryer..

-i went 2 d doc d other day after my not-so-good xam..
n d doc told me,
"nothin can be done.. for u hav had it for 3 days,
if it is still within 48hrs, i would have given u d vaccine.."
well, padan muka.. its my fault.. sape suh x mo jupe doc awal2..

-monday i got thermofluids..wednesday i got mechanical vibrations..
and for all 3 area, i dont know how it really goes.. perhaps a little for thermo since d assignments b4 needs a lot of studying.. but for fluids and mech_vib...


furthermore.. fluids have a whole lot of derivation.
do they think humans have microchip to remember all d derivations..

i dont know if im worth it even to live..
i really2 dont think i am.. :(
[gloomy , sad..]

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