08 June 2009

this is teryfying...Scared 2

i am not goin to take exam 2morow...
what am i suppose to answer... huhu..
tulun la den.. i cannot give up..
but all seem lost...

the more i study... d more i dont know

am i in d upside down world... waaaaaa...

huhu.. wanna go back to msia..
i rather work as a kindergarden teacher.. to teach how to write.
how to read...
at least i could tell my make-up story.. which here, no one
would care to listen to..

ok2.. sejuk wey..
nk tulih pun x leh.. nk type pn x leh
berape byk para cetamol dh amik.
after a couple of hours.. the fever juz come back..
so does the ache in my arms, legs and body..
biler nk hilangnyer..
nk bacer x larat.. nk pikir, lgi brtmbh skit kepala den
mcm org tua.

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