20 June 2009

remember back..

ysn.. im reminding urself again..

Verily, it is the Lord that knows best which (among men) have strayed from His path and He knows best those who recieve (true) guidance .. {al-qalam:7}


Allah ask one to reflect back..
look back at the prophets before rasulullah s.a.w.
The numbers who fought beside them(prophets),
which not the number that plays
significant role, but its the 'taqwa' in each individual soul.
To what extend they devotes towards Allah S.W.T.
Despite the befall and disaster that they face when
decide to stay firm besides their prophet,
fighting in the His cause..
They did not back down,
nor they grieve about it..
Yet, each things that strikes them, strenghten their
trust to walk thru the path they choosed to be..

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