16 June 2009

thermofluids 4 exam

with Thy name..

all praise to U my beloved Lord..everlasting love one hope one will always pour..
U ease one's mind and heart to enter the exam hall, and to answer the exam paper..
almost feel like the way one felt when one was taking the supplement stats exam..
juz that, this feels much better..for one really did not put much effort in it..
yet, when one ask upon U, Allah, to reassure my heart in answering the paper, U answer it.
though one have no idea how to answer most of the questions, but suprisingly, one doesnt feel as if 'im doom' or anything similar..

one did not sleep last night, to study the fluids derivations..
and alhamdulillah, it did not stop one from taking the exam today..

today, one decided to study dynamics or m_v at libry..
n just at recent time, one found that one could not really eat anything..
for each bite one take, each chew one make.. the cause one's head in pain..
it is as if the muscle are all interelated..
the pain increases as the chew made harder..
and its directly at the top of this head, in line with both eyes,
also as one move this head to either side..
n one writes these here, hammy.. coz one day, if one really die without any medical proof.. people will know or at least predict why..


now one is back at home. could stay in libry more..
though doesnt feel sleepy any longer..
but one doesnt want to take any risk.. in case one might not able to come back home at critical state..
should one meet the doctor again tomorrow..?
huhu.. one dislike meeting any doctor..
they like to ask, one dislike to answer.. as one dislike to talk..

one will try to go to sleep now, though one feel there's no doubt one could fall asleep instantaneously as soon as one lie on mr.camel..

nite2 hammy..
we'll meet again, insyaAllah.. if Allah wills it..

w'salaam wrbt.

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