29 April 2010

when d hearts keeps to beat non-stop..

there's so many things, i would like to know..

as there's so many things, are yet to show..

so little time i've got to throw..

for so little thrust i have in vow..

will i forth on a lifetime of commitment..

will it blaze on tho breeze seem to redundant..

the sparrow seems to chirps happily..

the clock in my mind ticks that buzz on, its juz worldly..

graze me firm on this ground..

put me stern, tho it bleeds till wound..

to You, my Lord.. i lay down my throne..

as my worthiness has long lost gone.. 

bimisllahi tawakallah tu..
O Allah.. place me among the righteous.. 
and steadfast my heart and action to be with You..

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