23 April 2010

today i learned..

those who said they are being 'trbyh'.. shud not be toO proud of themselves..

being at my workplace, i learn that its the job that we're in..
the things we have to place each day that will actually teach u, shape u..

my work here needs a lot of communications with people..
and yes, if things goes wrong, the PIC proj will hit you..the boss will bang at you..
n the spplér n cliént can be fed up with u..

and most worse of all, if the finance department keep on burning up on ur back..

it cud have been stressful..
it cud have been a pain..

yet, i saw that my collegue there was very2 patience..
tho she was burden up with soO much work..
she still entertain each call with a joy. each person wif a smile..
i dunt think i can do it the way she does..

today, the finance person blast off and put it all on me for did sumthing i tot i was suppose to do..
n to end it short.. my sis here met up with that person and talk it with her, handled her, and got everything sort out..
i think i owe her one for this..BIG TIME..

after a mess @ d office, we finally check out of the office at 7pm..
i tot it wil be jam on the way back, as it always did last 2 fridays..
but surprisingly, i got home in 50minutes..

certainly.. for every difficulty there is ease..


today, i tried calling sum1, whom i suppose to get-in-touch wif if i wanted to register for a prog..
but it seems that the no. they provided at the 'poster' is certainly not accessable.. both no.
the sis-no. and the bro-no..
memang mcm  x nak bagi aku pegi ape2 prog nmpknye
(n this sis, i had tried to call on wed back then, n i cudnt get in touch wif...which make me to try today)

now my head feels like thumping inside..
my right side of the brain/head to be exact..
hm... we'll c how it goes 2morow.


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