29 April 2010

bismillah... ar Rahman, ar Raheem..

for today.. 2many unusual things happen
1. this morning, i drove to work 10minutes late than my usual time..
yet, i still arrive early.. subhanallah...

2. the accountng person who was mad at me last week as i told b4,
was actually pleasantly nice to me today.. subhanallah..
i guess the stress at work that coz her to behave the other way back then

3. i msges with 1 of my sis here, told that.. if she's having a day off   2morow,due to labour day falling on saturday, lets met up in the evening, since i still have to work 2morow, half day.. but she was going back to her hometown 2morrow and ask me to meet up with her tonite.. but i really dont know the way how to get there.. so we promised to meet each other perhaps in another day.. insyaAllah..

4. during lunch break, i stayed in office.. and opened up my ym, being invisible.. and i saw, a few of my beloved sisters were on9.. so, i msgged them.. at 1st, i tot no-one will answer my bug..
Allahamdulillah.. all 3 of them response to my call.. tq sisters..
to sis1.. i told my story that happen y'day.. she was very understanding on what happen.. tq sis..
to sis2.. i asked her how's she's doin with the work @ d hosp..
n she told me she was at the hosp now which ive been there, to send my other sis there last year.. what a wonderful memories.. subhanallah..
to sis3.. she's the one who lift my spirit.. making me smile with her share..

5. this when all bad thing start to happen.. it started when i emailed a supplier about our order.. and ok, i admit, my mistake for putting the subject wrong.. but i really did attached the right doc. and suddenly the PIC, wants to changed the delivery add.. so, i was appointed to that supplier that we need to change the delivery point address..
up till this, he was ok with the change.. and then he replied, how bout the doc no. as ####.. is it from your company who ordered it..
so, i told him, yes.. but we've already canceled it last tues.. n i told him i'll foward the cancellation email.
now, when he starts to get angry.. he 'bang' me for not informing about the order n cancellation.. all those harsh words..
hey, it wasnt my fault.. i just did what the pic told me..
to whom i shud address the order to..
and now i get all the blame.. and since the email was cc to a whole lot of person, i was then accused of not informing the pic of the purchase is it the rite email dat i shud send it to..
well, i can tell u, i did ask dat person verbally, face to face about to whom should i send this email to.. and yes, that person gave me the wrong email..
and im getting all the humiliation.. and the blame
now, that person can only say to me..
"dont worry..it'll be ok.. "-translation from bm word-
at that time, only Allah knows whats in my heart..
aku mls nk marah.. [sbb klu aku dh start marah, especially if im start saying things in malay.. mmg truk la jadinya..]
tho the truth is, i was really2 feeling sad and feel humiliated at that moment.. i apologize several time to that supplier for my mistake which was actually wasnt my fault.. and promise not to do it again.. and i guess, this supplier like humiliating me, and keep replying my email.. saying sumthing like yeah, u shud never repeat this mistake again, becoz if u do, i'll blame u again..
since time tu dh masuk asar.. aku pun, undur la diri dari org, gi solat asar.. mencari ketenangan.. n without intentionally.. my tears start dropping.. bukan aku sedih sbb kn mrh.. but d person who actually gave me the wrong info that cause all this trouble doesnt even admit she's wrong..and doesnt even apologize to me..
and than, there's another person, who were there with me during my lunch y''day console me in an email.. yeah.. was really unexpecting this kind of email from this person..
well, from now on.. i now.. who's ur true friend is..
that laugh with u when u're happy.. and cry with u to share ur sadness..
alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah..
i know this happen to me for a reason..
Allah wants me to be closer to Him.. for perhaps, im really goin off the course towards Him..
and for this, He send down the rain.. to match as whats my heart feels..
tq my Lord.. tq..
"Then will come after that a year in which people will be given rain.."(Yusuf:49) 

may each things that encounter in my life, will make me to be a stonger muslim in the 1 right path..
bismillahi tawakallahtu...

-pen off-

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