01 April 2010

last nite was full moon..
which was 15th of rabi-al akhar
islamic calender is certainly the best.. every 15th of each month according to islamic calender, it will be full moon..
its really amazing...
though the sky here was not clear... but one still could detect the existence of the full moon..
its certainly outwit the thick clouds in da sky..
later i would be driving, insyaAllah.. to go for my registration..
i dont mind driving.. but to be truth.. i hate driving here, in my town..
once when i was with my sister, and it was a highway juction, and all of a sudden, a car in front of us, decides to stop.. i could not break or our car will have flown over, so without thinking, i turn up my steering, and it was like in a game arcade racing car..
alhamdulillah, there was no car on the path i steer up to.. if not, it would have cause a major accident.. my sis n i were silent for a while since we were in shock.. huhu
n today, i hope everything will be ok.. n i hope i remember the way to get there.. hoho..
n since my car only have cassette player.. i dont have any cassette that i would like to hear in d car.. i would juz have to bring my phone..
this is where, my mp3 phone is useful..
n dat is y i like s_e phone.. a phone which is used to hear music..
but i wont be wearing headphones.. i rarely where it in msia.. its never safe to drive in msia, with the music plug in the ear, deafen the driver to the surrounding..
ok2.. boleh x tulih dlm bhs mlayu mu ni..
kata bhs jiwa bangsa..
dan kita prlu memartabatkn bangsa kita .. ^_^

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