27 April 2010

all praise only to Allah SwTaála..

today was a good day..

my work was fun..
my driving was ok..

juz sumthin dat i have to laugh at myself..
my colleague asked me to help her send an email,
to cancel an order made y'day..

so, i was like.. ok.. its not hard..

n i guess, becoz i used to like reading english story books..
i found the rite way to write the cancellation  order email..
being firm yet polite..

n she was amazed by it.. astaghfirullah..
jgn timbulkn rasa riak dlm diriku ini ya Allah..

when i looked back at the email i sent..
byk je grammatical mistake..
but i guess.. d email was ok.. alhamdulillah..

hope 2 morow i cud do better..
çan-dáce juz asked me to join them (d marketing grup)
for lunch 2day..
i hope i remember that 2morow..
as i was to join them 2day...but i totally forgot about it..


-pen off-
( i cud no longer use short form p/o since it meant puchazOrdr at my work are)

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