16 April 2010

2day was an extra-ordinary day 4 me..
got to áttend' a m_s socty in msia..
surprisingly, a lot of the people here kena m_s gak..

my mum n i went there 4 an interview tuk apply for fundraising help in getting the ExTraExpensive med..
(well, the ques asked was soO wierd)..
n then we were asked to go 4 a gathering..
ingtkan aper..
(meet the group who's r in the same state as u r..)
ok, so we were to introduce ourselves n how the 'disease has affected our lives..
n now i realised.. at times like these, people will be more appreciative of the Lord..
well, i guess, He luves the remembrance of His servants of Him..
and dat is y, He bestowed the gift of this disease..

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