12 April 2010

this week was a hectic one i guess..
juz got back from jerantut..
my uncle juz passed away last week, due to an accident..
may Allah put him among the righteous..
being back in kg, i juz realized,
i can not recognized my cousins.. especially the guys..
how their feature change as they grew..
at least, the gurls still have the 'look' that
i remembered..

ok, last thursday, went for an appoinmnt to see my doc in hkl..
n wow, the cost of my medcine in msia is WAYYY more expensive than in melb..
klu beli kat melb, tukar duit msia, will be around rm3600..
tp in msia, klu beli, more than 5000 ringgit..
sape nk amik ubat dh cmni..
duit gaji pun x cukup nk beli ubat
klu oz bley murahkan ubat ni smpi org2 sana bley beli dalam 20dollar, jer (around 60 ringgit), knape kt cni x der krjn nk subsidize ubat tu..
this give me 1 conclusion..
x yah dh amik ubat..
mahal tahap max..
not worth it..
nway, hr tu jupe doc,
becoz my mum ikut, x der la nk ckp ngn doc tu byk2..
becoz my mum will b angry if she knew dat things happenning to me, n i have not told her..
another conclusion..
pasni gi juper doc, x yah bwk mak.. huhu..
tapi jln gi hosp pun x tau..
per la mu ni..
ok2.. i need to sleep...
esok keje dh.. n skang dh ngantuk,penat thp max..
penat duk dlm keter kut..huhu..
ok then.. till then..

-pen off-

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