30 April 2011

for the past few days, my dad was having flu...
it was quite bad actually...
and to make it worse, he sits in front of the fan (on of course)..
while im beside doing some reading..
and he kept on sneezing continuously..
this happen for 3 days..
i asked him to switch off the fan, but he insisted that he is hot..
how could someone be hot when that person is on flu..
and yesterday, the viruses hit me..
i was attacked with flue.. and this morning, when i woke, my head was spinning.. felt like im going to have a fever..
at my work place, even tho i put my sweater on, my workmate persisted to one the aircond..
which of course caused my flu to be worst than ever..
huhu..~hope these sickness will erase the sins that i've done..

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