09 April 2011

in the ear of my cats vs humans..

i have 2 cats.. similar in a way.. cause they are brothers..
the difference between them is their tail..

so when i see both of them, i need to look first at its tail.. before calling them.. although i think, they like to pretend they can't here me..
because when i call them, they refuse to answer.. either by coming or just by looking back..

my mum and i conclude, they have selective hearing.. when they want something, such as food or just a head path, then they will quickly respond to their name..

such cute cats.. :)

this make me look at the society around..

people actually have this selective hearings as well..
they only choose to listen or hear to people they choose or when they want something back in return..

when people hear news or given a word of advice.. he or she can choose whether to listen or to ignore..

they hear thru their ears, but not with their heart.. and this i call as selective hearing..

so, we can decide weather we are among the ones who only listen to things with their ears, or we want to be the one who listen with their hearts..

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