16 April 2011

hammy in a miserable state..~

every day you gone thru, there must be a day u felt like im not up to do it today..

thats what i felt today..
if each week im very energetic to go for that particular meeting/discussion..

but today its not day ..
the feeling washed away as i woke up this morning..

and even worse as each minute pass by..
when i was finding reason to tell the 'chairman' of the meeting, for not able to attend it, my mum made it possible right thru..

she's gone to work and drove away with the car i was supposed to be using..

and later, i asked her, why did she used the car when i've told her earlier im gonna used it this morning..

and she asked me to use the other car..

well, NO.. i can't drive that car.. im not confident to do so..
and i don't think im up to it.. to drive that big car..

as lately, i think my sight is getting worse.. and i drove pretty cautiously each day going to work and back from work..

when i told the chairman im not capble of attending the small gathering, she was quite upset.. and i guess, angry (in a way) with me..

huhu.. cone to think about it.. why did i first choose and vow to commit to this short gathering each week..?

i dont know what can i say to defend myself any longer..

its my 'fault' i guess...~

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