04 November 2010

04 Nov 2010

as always..
no one remembers it except my mum, & sis..
hehe.. no worries..
and of course, on every thing i'd register tO, of course 'they' will keep sending me bday wishes..


but come to think about it again, i've lived up till 8397 days up till this day..

yet, how many was my deeds, and did it overcome the sins i've committed..

sumthing to ponder and think about..


gerun duh.. mampukah diri ni nk ckp dh dpt 8397 pahala ..?
when i think that each day, my sins will always weigh heavier..

n tadi duk cari2..

and yes, i was born on 11rabiullawal, which falls on prophet (pbuh) birth date on that year (according to msia calender)..

its an honor for me.. and yet its put an aim for me to reach..
did my actions meet up to him(pbuh)..

horro plak rasenyer..

it was great that 2morow is a day off.. alhamdulillah
alhamdulillahi Rabbi, for giving me an opportunity to live up again today..
alhamdulillahi Rabbi for giving me the guidance and trust all the way, up till today..
and alhamdulillahi Rabbi for everything, from the smallest speck of micro, to the largest of things, He bestowed upon me without stopping..

alhamdulillah.. alhamdulillah..

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