06 November 2010

i juz realize 1 thing..

my decision to step into this path alter everything in my life all together..

i did not put much effort in my school work as i should..well, people will then called me as a nerd.. for i juz kept on studying (bck in Au16)..

then, that its when i get close to people.. cause me to think more on them than what was my aim for being there in a country out from my land.. again, cause me to lack in my studies..

later on, when i was diagnosed with ms, it at 1st only cause changes a bit.. but further on later, i guess, was the perception that people with dat disease will not and cud never perform in studies.. must somehow make a 'placébo' effect in me..

huhu.. ok, now that i realize it..

only 1 thing left to figure it out..


i know.. and i wanna change.. need to figure whether im up to it is juz by trying..


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