11 November 2010

when one feel lost in d world...
there's only 1 hope to gain bck d strength..
etc2.. huh,ive lost interest to write/continue this thing

dis morning.. one of my colleague @ work place has kept it promise to buy me ice-cream 4 my bday..gave me 2 in fact.. :)
alhmdllh.. tq fwen..

to think bout it again.. so irony..
not that i want gift or celebration.. but juz 4 simple wish is enough..
d one who were my true friends who actually wish me to it (wlpn dh tua..hoho)
n i thanks Him for giving me these friends.. thru thick and thru thin..
near and far.. will remain as my love of trust no matter where they are..

mngkn dulu dpt byk2 greetings..sbb terpakse kut mereka2 itu..
hoho.. now that i'm Far away.. im out of their bound to continue to build up d r/ship..

ok la.. i dont wanna think bout this.
i have my cat,big kittens,baby kitten n hamsters as my fwens to talk with..
nite2.. a great day ahead 2morow..biiznilah

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