31 August 2009

was not well this morning
got a pain in my head.. nk bangun pun x leh.. huhu
x yah gi lecture pun x pe kut.. not worth it.. bazir tenaga jer..
nk focus memang x leh..
rs cm nk pengsan je time lec..
ptg amik blood test result..
everything is ok...
my vitamins, my blood count...
just that my blood have a slight viral infection..
tp x pa la.. nothing to be fussed about..
went to buy prescription medcine for it..

iftar kt avnue..
surprisingly from there got close with shima..
merely just becoz she's doing research on rats..
terawikh at pelham..
like the imam's recitation of the quran..
its soo touching..
if only i could understand the quran directly..
solat hajat due to malaysia independence today
went back, realise dont have the house key to enter..
everyone else was not at home..
stayed outside for 20minits..
then decide to go to my sis beloved house nearby..
shared things with her..
around 10.15pm, only went back home..at last, ada gak org balik rumah
nak watt project, tp decided to take the newly bought medcine first..
pastu penat sgt knape ntah, nk tido dulu..
am back up again at 12am..
ok, project is in critiqal state..

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