30 August 2009

27th Aug:
-went to c doc, did blood test, was suspected to have viral infection...
-iftar @ arden

-quiz biomech.. bismillahitawakallahtu
-got msg from u'mate.. dontknow what one gonna say its feeling about it..
feel like all this time, d ukhwah she hold upon one here just based on food.. when there are things to ask from one here, only then she remember one here.. elsewise, one never have cross her mind..

29th Aug:
-went to coin laundary near abbotsford st
-iftar at brunswick :)
-farewell night to beloved sis, ukht nabihah

30th Aug:
-ukht abby is goin back to home country today.. tempat mulanya medan perjuangan sebenar.. semoga thabat ukht.. wait for me to come back and join this perjuangan.. one wanna stay on this fight, on this path, on this true journey.. help one here my beloved lord, Allah Taála..

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