03 August 2009


All Praise to the All Mighty Lord, Allah Subhannallah wa Taála..

O Lord, one know, U are ever knowing for everything in this world.
Let it be straight front, or its hidden deep within the heart.
Thus, one know, U know whats currently in this mind and heart.

Remind me my Lord, not to ever bother anyone anymore.
one has cause other more burden and more workload, causing them not to able to do their best in their job and task.

from now on, one will never put anyone to cater for one problem.

one have U, my beloved Allah,
one know, U'll always protect by one side here.

forgive one here, for letting go of her postration to U.
for not doing it sincerely.
forgive me..

i'l try to regenerate myself from being futur.
guide one steps
hold one arms

help one sister out there..
help her.. she's is in more need of Ur love..
help her, for she's been doing really2 much for U,
for Ur deen..
and she's being troubled by me.. and i regret of it..
for putting burden on her shoulder..
please help her..
please do..
one hope, one love to her, is sincerely for one love to U..

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