30 May 2009

the return of the bee..

across the great oceans..

from the straits of malacca, to the java sea

right thru the timor sea,

above it cross, of the mainland of australia..

the bee journeys in its flight to achieve its dream..

the fence has now collapse..

giving it freedom to fly ahead..

with one aim in mind..

to Him, for Him, with Him.. (insyaAllah)

with His Will,
the bees now meet again once more..

it thought things will now change..

be as it used to be before..

the draught of land, will now blooms with flowers..

and colors will then swipe the glooms..


somehow, things change with their own chosen path..

the sea will not always stay calm..

and leaves do often drops..

thus, the change should not be a surprise..

as soul do transform, as time pass thru..

the sole bee now knew..

it has been determined beforehand..

it will always be flying solo..

no companion at it side..

no matter hard it tries to seek..

thus, it's choosed just then, to hide..

that kept it moving from one bud to the other..

is to one trust
,one believe, one love, and it'll try to kept it from retreat..

and its only toHim
the All Mighty, Ever Glory..

the Lord of The whole world, and universe..

Allah S.w.T..

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