16 May 2009

symptoms of major depressive episode

  • Sadness and or irritability - yup
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in everyday activities -totally
  • Loss of appetite—or increase in appetite - increase of eating directly proportional to my stress level
  • Sleep disturbances—either insomnia or excessive sleeping - either alternately
  • Agitation or slowing in behavior - yup
  • Fatigue - cause me shame in lectures n tute =(
  • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt - definitely
  • Problems with thinking or concentration - its true
  • Persistent thoughts of death or suicide. - been thinking it for quite a time now..

Professional Help May Be Needed

BUT the QUESTION is..sape yang nk tolong?!!!!!

People who are depressed often want to withdraw from activities, and the resulting lack of stimulation further reduces their quality of life, creating a downward spiral. While supportive family and friends may help a person shake off mild depression, psychotherapy and/or antidepressant medication are generally needed to treat the condition adequately and prevent an even deeper depression that is harder to treat. Although support groups may offer some help with milder types of depression, they are not effective in treating severe clinical depression. Psychotherapy and/or antidepressant medication are more effective in treating severe clinical depression.

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