31 May 2009

in d misty haze,
d heart's fire glows in blaze..
a stranger in this world..
living as a castaway..
no hope given in, but d ambitious heart crave for it..
yet the world wound it, torture it to bleed....

each time the sun shine..
yet, its never a sign that it'll never rain..
unlike the spring and autumn..
and the winter of summer..
its not a season that one could lay

across the fields..
below the gray skies ..
the thunder from above
scent of gushing rain to come by

the flow is starts..
like the rivers of the earth that one could sight..
the rocks it goes..
further enforce the flow

the wrench of the heart
come after the fierce blood rush..
yet.. it serene to beats..
when Thee name struck in..
the flame of truth, light the night..
giving daze of colors,
disperse the spark of Guidance from Thee..

this vast world of life..
that place in each corner a voul play in hide..
time shall teach in patience..
and wisdom will come flow by..
if both are hold on tight..
a place in is gain in the kingdom..
kingdom of the long true life

and the rain that falls..
with the shine of the sun..
rainbow will form..
gives beauty for the sight..
and thats the marvel of life..

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