07 April 2009

d heart says...-9

it seems ages ago..
yet it was not too long before..
days has indeed grew longer..
still death call seems closer than before..

each time one clouds weigh heavier
before the glooms visibly portray
you held out a pail
for the rain to falls
to tumble it dry, and clear one sky

each seconds the mist emerge
shadowed the sight, swoon the mind
you resolve it off
and lighten the way
with hand in deep
guiding pass, rarely retreat..

why oh why..
u shine one from beneath the sky
for rarely do one sprout..
whatsmore to let it bloom out..

the flowers of love..
watered with the drops of truth..
the ocean drowns sorrow
and the vessels sail with hope..

for the sun which has descends..
will rise up once again
to shake the snooze of the universe..
the breeze give one to shake
from the dreams to the blazing coal lies ahead..

and one feel the urgence to resurface
from the drown of the oceans
which passions has lord over

along this line..
never be affront..
one never did intend..
for it rub to walk the wrong path..

forgive one here
for the topical feat that been gathered
as it follows
an intention to free
the burden that you shoulder
that one kept on mounting
from the rise of dawn, till dusk to arrive
with hope, one will never tax your life again..

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