18 April 2009

18th April 09

O Allah..
am i too full of sins till all things on this earth is against me..?

this morning i hit another car while driving

and today, they had an open house an im not invited..

its not the food i want..

but, it is as if im being ignored n neglected by others..

forgive me Allah, if i've did too many sinful things until everthing is going against me..

yesterday, d day before.. and all recent days that i had gone thru are certainly indicating i am not worthy to stand, to live among them..

they are akhawat..

and who am i..?

a no one.. unuseful person..

forgive me Allah.. please do..

no one here in this world are willing to lend a ear, a shoulder ..

and only to u i can pour everything.. to u.. only u..

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