15 April 2009

Rabu, 15 april 09

my fever has been on goin since monday..
been eating medcine ( i think).. yet it doesnt seem to get any better..
in fact, i think its getting worse each hour..

and today i went to mornington, to sooth my headache..
and Allah bless the way with His Rahmah.. the rainfall..
though im having a fever, but i really love rain.. and
somehow, my heart feel at ease..

the oceans, the winds.. seems like in an angry state.. allahu'alam..

and im afraid, Allah's anger to me is even grater than the distrubing ocean waves..
Forgive one here.. she's keep on forgetting that to You belong everything in the heavens n earth..

and one came back from mornington early, for one knew, she had other more essential stuff needs to be done..
and suddenly one here got msg, regarding programs on thursday, friday n saturday..

O Allah.. will one here make it one time to finish up her studies n assignments n project work..?

and just know a sis invite to hang out for dinner to 'windup'..
i thought it was due to sumthin special need to be discuss.. and it wasnt..
yeah, one enjoy the short outing 2gether.. but latter in avenue, haslinda's house...
one headache came back.. and so did one fever..
one feel lik banging this head with a hammer.. telling the brain inside to behave..
and to bang one's heart.. telling is to stop aching as well..

one dont know whether one will make it on time to get along tonite at uni... and to return back later..

hopefully, one will not faint as one did recently.. lucklily, no one was presence.. (i think)
on can not think straight anymore..
one keep seeing double back again..


with Allah name, one begin..

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