13 April 2009

hr ni pegi philip island, bawak family..
klu bukan family, mungkin x der nk peginyer dah..
byk benda len yg leh wat

n, i drove there to philip island..
i guess, since its 2++ hours driving dari epot, i got a major headache upon arriving at i-centre..
and i wasnt feeling too well..


and tadi nk balik, i was a bit better..
i thought, ok i could drive back, since earlier no one want to drive, dengan alasan, klu jln melb lurus x perla...
n suddenly it seems that my dad want to drive, yeah, so ok.. i put the GPS to the desired destination..

and i slept all d way, i guess i was tired.. but hey, i will always sleep in car if im not the driver.
and suddenly, near south gipsland highway, my dad seems to be irrated with me cause i do not know how to get back to city.. keep on hammering harsh words on me..

' klu dh tau jd mcm ni, x payah rent kereta pun xper...etc..'

lor.. it wasnt me who wanted to go to P.I.

klu boleh, memang x nak bwk kan pegi pun.. boleh gi sendiri semua, nek tour.. no need for me to be there.

marah.. marah.. marah...

memang la i need to think about the route to get back.. tengah mamai2 bangun tido, terus kena marah sebab x tau jalan balik..

so biler dier ckp jer, tukar la cmni, sy jer bwk keter tu.. sy terus agree.. n i drove like a maniac..
astaghfirullah... forgive me Allah.. for not be able to control my emotions.. for not be able to be patience.. for not be able to be kind to my mum, my dad n my siblings...

but i was really2 hurt by the harsh words my dad hit on me...

2morow, though its their last day of hols in melb, im not goin our with them..
for im afraid i'll juz place my revenge back to them..

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