08 March 2009

d heart says...-4

go away..!

cried the tender heart

leave me to be..
and never come back..!

despair the fragile soul.

when will they believe i've chosen my life for what it to be..
it may seem like a dream..
but do believe, its the path i choose to walk
the path i choose to lay my steps ahead
and never to retreat back
no matter what the circumstances that lies ahead..

hoping in itself..
to be ever trustful in Him..
longing for Him ever always..
for now, no one will be close anymore..
no one to share what deep within the soul..

O my Lord,
help me to bring each of my steps closer to You
each words that bubbles out from me, reminds the existence of You
be my best pals thru each day You lay for me to portray
be my Love, for with You, the love will last forever
and help to be Yours till the time have come for me to meet You once again

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