17 March 2009

16th March 2009/

O Allah..

there's only U in my life rite now..
there's no one to hear my grieve..

im really, really sorry Allah..
for not being the one i promised U every day, every moment..

im must be really2 stupid for ignoring my promise..

u gave me provisions, to ease by burden.. yet i choose to take it for granted...
waste it away..
im really2 sorry..

i'll try to improve myself, if 2morow u lay for me to steps ahead.
i'l try to fast every day, if it help me to keep my promise..

o Allah..
there's to much in my heart.. in which i've no one to share with.. not anymore..
and i know, its U who i should have share it.. although, U knew whats hidden deep beneath,
please forgive Ur humble servant here..

forgive me Allah, protect me Lord, from going against things i've asked others to do..
for my bad behavior, for having bad assumptions...
for trying to win in each debate..
im really, truely sorry..
this is so bad..
ur servant here has really overgo it..

Allah.. help me to remember things..
i dont want to keep forgetting to bow down, postrate to u..
help me to be ur humble, sincere, truthful servants..
please help me here, Allah.. please do..

and im sorry for needing to write it all down, for U, All Knower, know that one here need to type it all out to express her heart..
and one here pour it out for U..

my tears cant stop streaming..
for one here know, her sins is higher, larger than the seas of the earth..
forgive me here, forgive me Lord..
help one here,
let one here able to face all the obstacles U've laid for one to walk across..
im Yours..
and will only be Yours forever..
let me return to U with the true faith to U..

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